You have the right to change. If you are unhappy with who you are and how you live. Envision yourself achieving your aspirations and goals. As you commit yourself to change a new lifestyle will evolve.

What is a Lifestyle?

Now, you may be wondering what a lifestyle is. This refers to the way a person lives. Even though it may appear straightforward, this definition significantly impacts your physical and mental well-being and how you connect with others. You are more likely to have a stable or moderate mental state, healthy life, and healthy relationships with people if you have a pleasant lifestyle. It is great to decide to start having a healthier lifestyle but staying committed to the new lifestyle is crucial.

Creating healthy habits help develop a healthy personal life.  Our mental disposition, upbringing, and role models influence us in the direction of a healthy lifestyle. The following are methods for committing to a healthy lifestyle.

Encourage Good Feelings

Self-motivation is necessary to mobilize energy for habit change. This requires the belief that something must change and the realization that your lifestyle is your responsibility. It is beneficial to know the benefits of changing your behavior and the drawbacks of maintaining the current habit. You ought to put your ideas about this in writing. But this is not sufficient on its own. The best method to imagine something new is to do so while feeling upbeat. Joy inspires repetition of previously acquired behaviors; pain encourages avoidance. Therefore, taking the time to inspire yourself before outlining the benefits of changing your behavior and drawbacks of maintaining current status quo.

Pick your battles

Every day, we are all confronted with stressful events. We have the opportunity

to decide how to react to these events. We have a decision to make when we come across bad news. How we react is within our control, we can either take time to process and think about our response or respond in a way we may regret later. For instance, our conditioned response would typically be to answer back, at the very least, with displeasure and occasionally even rage if someone is disrespectful or inflammatory to us. However, if we choose to ignore it or, even better, to process it and let go of the stress rather than succumbing to this conditioned response. Deciding how we respond to situations has the potential to move us toward our objectives and widen the range of what is within our control if we can select constructive, or at the very least neutral, reactions. On the other hand, if we respond negatively then we will receive poor responses from others and limit our ability to influence.

Defined Goals

Self-motivation is crucial but having a clear understanding of your goals is just as important. Knowing your desires and dreams might help you turn your intentions into goals.

 The path to achieving your lifestyle changes are:

  • Improve your self-awareness and become conscious of your habits.
  • Be optimistic about change but realistic.
  • List the advantages of making a change and the drawbacks of continuing as you are. This improves self-motivation when coupled with emotions.
  • Positively state your purpose and write it out. Hang your purpose somewhere in your house where you will frequently see it.
  • Changes do not happen overnight. Be mindful of a plateau, be patient and take lessons from failures; they are a part of life.


Love you!


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