August is about your Well-Being!

August is National Wellness Month, and it is important for you to take this month to tap into your wellbeing. Wellness are checking in with yourself from an internal standpoint. Being in good health, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually is wellness.

In the Breathe and Exhale 360 communities, we make wellness a priority by having Wellness Wednesday to help us carve out a day to do some type of wellness. We encourage you to take at least 30 minutes to focus on yourself. I want to encourage you for the month of August to make sure you take care of yourself and practice wellness.

Here are suggestions to start on your wellness journey in the month of August.

  1. Plan a personal retreat: Take yourself away to get back to YOU. A personal retreat can be a weekend or a night away. Get away and disconnect from social media, television, and talking on the phone. Take the time to focus on yourself.
  2. Rest: If you are always on the go and busy this may be the month to simply rest. Clear your calendar and turn off your alarms and allow yourself to relax and rest.
  3. Exercise: It helps you feel good after you work out. Get your heart rate up.
  4. Go for a walk: This will help clear your mind and get you active.
  5. Journal: You can tap into your emotions. Write out your feelings for the day or write out on different topics. Let it out!
  6. Be in tune with your emotions to become a master of your emotions: Do not allow a situation to control your emotions.
  7. Mediate:  Get centered and quiet the noise to help you refocus.
  8. Create a nightly routine to unwind and relax before heading to bed. This can give an opportunity to stretch before heading to bed.
  9. Yoga is a great exercise to help clear your mind and stretch your body.
  10. Pack a healthy snack and go to the park and just enjoy the day.

I hope you do one activity a week to focus on your wellness. If you focus on your wellness, you will feel good, the mind is clear, and relax to show up for the people you love.

Love ya!


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