Unboxing Breathe & Exhale

  • Rejuvenate!

    Rejuvenate! The energy we may have lost in 2022 or during the holidays, allow this box to rejuvenate YOU!
  • Celebrate YOU!

    Celebrate YOU: Is all about celebrating our 1-year anniversary! We want our subscribers to understand it is important to show up and be intentional for yourself.
  • Breathe & Exhale 2022 Q3

    Theme: Summer of Happiness Inspired: Understanding that Happiness is something we need to seek with intentionality.
  • Breathe & Exhale 2022 Q2

    Theme: Spring Into Self-Love Inspired: Remind Women the importance to love themselves. Personalized handwritten note addressed to subscribers abo...
  • Breathe & Exhale 2022 Q1

    Theme: Personal Retreat Box Inspired by CEO/Founder, Personal Birthday Retreat to help remind women the importance of Self-Care. Personalized han...