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  • Best Gift

    The best gift you can give yourself is going after the thing that scares you.  This past year, Breathe & Exhale 360 was birthed, and this has been the scariest thing I have ever done to date. I have realized the fears that held me back was not that bad when I faced my fears.  The best gift I gave myself was launching Breathe & Exhale 360 and stepping out of the shadows.  The three things I learned this past year are: 1. I am not going to have it all figured out, 2. the bump along the road only shows me to pivot, and 3. patience is a vital part.

    More than ever, it is imperative to take preventative measures for your child's mental health, starting with their daily routine. Parents and other adults in children’s lives must find ways to include self-care into their week. You and your child can engage in various activities that offer considerable advantages for the mind and body without being overly demanding or routine. In this piece we will explore ways to extend self-care to the entire family. 


    Rest is important for us to do at the end of the day. Studies tell us we should strive to get 6-8 hours’ sleep daily. Having a nightly routine will help us prepare mentally and physically get ready for our bed to have a restful night. If we do not relax our mind before going to bed, falling asleep can be challenging. In this blog I share with you activities for relaxing.

    You have the right to change. If you are unhappy with who you are and how you live. Envision yourself achieving your aspirations and goals. As you commit yourself to change a new lifestyle will evolve.

    Authentic self-care should be exercised daily to develop into an eventual habit. It's preferable to incorporate it into your daily schedule, even if it's only 5–10 minutes each day. The days can occasionally be jam-packed with tasks, errands, and personal or professional meetings. With the help of the following advice, you can still practice some self-care.
  • August is about your Well-Being!

    August is National Wellness Month, and it is important for you to take this month to tap into your wellbeing. In this post I share suggestions for your wellness journey.
  • July is National Minority Mental Health Month

    July is National Minority Mental Health Month and here is why it matters? In this blog I will share with you thoughts on mental health awareness and resources.
  • Rest

    Often as women, we neglect ourselves to benefit others from our families to our career. That is the wrong attitude to have. We need to take a break to be the best version of me for me, my husband, and my career.
  • Falling In Love with Yourself!

    Self-Love is a journey that we should embark on with intentionality, patience, and kindness towards ourselves. It is a journey we should desire to embark, so we can be better women, a better wife, a better mom, a better woman of God, a better professional, or a better community leader.
  • More than a sunrise….

    I remember like it was yesterday, for my birthday, I took myself on a personal retreat to Johnson City, TX, right outside of Fredericksburg, TX. It was a weekend I took the opportunity to relax and be with my thoughts. I had the entire weekend planned… A harrowing drive to see the sunrise would lead to my future.