Falling In Love with Yourself!

Do you remember when you fell in love with yourself? I mean the overwhelming feeling of joy, and happiness in your life. It is a moment when you wake up in the morning and have a peace that you are exactly where you need to be in life.

We often think about falling in love with our significant other, but what if before we fall in love with our significant other or even if we have fallen in love with our significant other, we fell in love with ourselves. As a little girl, we can think back to our very first crush, or the images we saw to know that falling in love will bring the best feeling. Minnie Mouse had Mickey Mouse, Beauty and the Beast, or my personal classic Cinderella falling for the prince. Society has taught us the most important love is to fall in love with someone else, but no one really talks about falling in love with ourselves.

We look forward to the day a person gives us butterflies, or our minds continue to wonder on the person, but what if we go back in time and teach the little girl in us how important it is to love ourselves. If we take a moment to look inside ourselves and explore our feelings, take in the happy moment, and be comfortable with alone time, how much better would we be when our significant other walks in our life.

Self-Love is a journey that we should embark on with intentionality, patience, and kindness towards ourselves. It is a journey we should desire to embark, so we can be better women, a better wife, a better mom, a better woman of God, a better professional, or a better community leader. Self-Love while it is a journey it is a way for us to be fully present to ourselves and the people we love. It spills over to all areas of our life that will only make us a better person.

Now I must be honest, we all have a desire to explore Self-Love, but in our realities, we do not have enough time in the day to add another thing to our plate. We already deal with the guilt of being there for everyone we love, either showing up for our wifey duties and supporting our husbands, being there for our children’s extracurricular activities, and all while trying to balance our careers, and any extracurricular activities we want to do in our personal life. We just cannot fit it in to our schedules. Our to do list is longer than we wish to admit, but this is when we need to be patient, gentle, and kind to ourselves when establishing our very own Self-Love. It is starting small by waking up early to take in the moment before the day starts. It is getting up from a stressful situation and taking a walk or run as the weather changes to clear our minds. It is taking yourself to lunch to simply think about matters close to your heart. It can be unwinding from the day before going to bed and doing breathing exercises focusing on the present moment. Self-Love is simply carving out time for yourself whether it is daily, weekly, or monthly to check in with your physical, mental health, or spiritual growth.

My desire is that you would establish a type of Self-Love routine to fall in love with yourself. To find joy in your life even on the not-so-great days. It is important that we take a moment for ourselves, so we can show up for everyone, but most importantly we can show up for ourselves. It is my desire that we extend patience, gentle, and kindness to ourselves on the days when life and the pressure of life is too much.  My hope is that you fall in love with yourself this spring as we Spring into Love.


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