A few months ago, I did something I never did before, I told my boss I need a break. I answered him, so truthfully on a question that he was taken back by my response. I quickly followed it up with I need a day. I need to take a break to be the best version of me for me, my husband, and my career. In that moment, I didn’t care how it looked, what work I was leaving behind, or the impression he may have. I only knew I needed to step away. He gave me that day, he gave me two, but over the long weekend, I asked myself a series of questions with one being why I didn’t speak up for myself before that day? Why didn’t I share that I was mentally tired? Instead, I made excuses, we are working on a project, or this is temporary. All so I can further push myself. That was the wrong attitude to have.

Often as women, we neglect ourselves to benefit others from our families to our career. That weekend I learned my mental health was suffering without me knowing, I didn’t recognize the signs as I was too busy going to the next task. I did a great job hiding my struggle from the ones I love because I didn’t want to share how bad I struggle throughout the day.

I rested, that weekend! I put on my comfy pajamas, watched tv, read a book, and simply talked with my love ones. I also slept! I slept some more, but I learned a valuable lesson that weekend, we were not created to continue to go without giving ourselves REST! We need time to refuel our tank and ignoring the signs by way of ignoring our bodies is not the answer. Rest when your body tells you, you will be so glad you did!

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