Breathe & Exhale 2022 Q3


Theme: Summer of Happiness Inspired: Understanding that Happiness is something we need to seek with intentionality.

  • Personalized handwritten note addressed to subscribers about it is easy to have many emotions with everything that is happening in the world, but it is important to seek out moments of happiness, which we hope this box brings them.
  • B.E. Mindful, Authentic, and Genuine to Yourself! Booklet, which includes B.E. Moment an article from the CEO/Founder- Shana-Lee Scott, Financial Tip from the Masterpiece Financial Coach, Stephanie Lyons, which is a Certified Financial Education Instructor, and Family Tip by Developing Legacy LLC CEO/Founder Kerry-Ann Dixon.
  • Pajama Shirt- Let me Sleep OR No Pants are the Best Pants!
  • Wine Tumbler- Kindly go away I’m Reading.
  • Eye Mask- Gel Beads for warm or cold use to relax.
  • The Happiness Project- written by Gretchen Rubin a #1 New York Bestseller, in which she takes the reader on a 12-month journey of happiness.
  • Cheese Popcorn- from a local black owned popcorn store. To enjoy while watching a movie or show.

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