Celebrate YOU!

Celebrate YOU: Is all about celebrating our 1-year anniversary! We want our subscribers to understand it is important to show up and be intentional for yourself.

  • Personalized handwritten note addressed to subscribers about going on a journey to be international about Self-Care.
  • B.E. Mindful, Authentic, and Genuine to Yourself! Booklet, which includes B.E. Moment an article from the CEO/Founder- Shana-Lee Scott, Financial Tip from the Masterpiece Financial Coach, Stephanie Lyons, which is a Certified Financial Education Instructor, and Family Tip by Developing Legacy LLC CEO/Founder Kerry-Ann Dixon is now DIGITAL.
  • Baseball Shirt- Be Brave, Be Magical, Be YOU reminding women the three ingredients that makes them awesome.
  • Gift card to any spa week participating locations
  • Happy Thoughts Coloring Book, a mindfulness coloring book to focus on the present with colored pencils.
  • Xenia Roastery coffee to keep you energized as the 4th quarter is upon us.
  • Four Shower Steamers, Relax, Happy, Renew, and Refresh with a steamer bag to enjoy a nice relaxing shower.  
  • Bonus: Candle: Exhale scents Lemongrass and Coconut to enjoy.  

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