Getting to know Breathe and Exhale

Shana-Lee Scott loves to spread the word on the amazing benefits of practicing self-care. Here are some of the interviews and events she has appeared in; for you to get to know Shana-Lee Scott and the Breathe and Exhale community. 



Bold Journey - Learn about Shana-Lee Scott Journey

Shoutout DFW - Shana-Lee Scott discuss Self-care for the busy professional.

Voyage Dallas - Shana-Lee Scott provides readers with the benefits of mentors. 

Shana Scott was a guest speaker at To Get Her (the quarterly women gathering) at Freedom Church. She hosted a workshop Slow Down and was part of the panel discussion.


 This is a clip of Shana on a panel discussing how to create a safe space for people to interact

At TCL Lead Conference Shana-Lee hosted a workshop "Yikes! I'm really running a business? How to create less stress in running a business while maintaining a wellness schedule."





Shana-Lee Scott spoke on The L.O.V.E. (Letting Our Voices Empower) Podcast with Courtney Dasher. Shana had the joy of speaking with Courtney about taking care of ourselves, setting boundaries, and using social media.


If you are interested in having Shana-Lee Scott speak at an event or wish to contact her for an interview, please email